TKTC Town Hall Meeting May 1st

TKTC Town Hall Meeting Monday, May 1st

What’s the Latest?
In the last couple of years The Kids Theatre Company has been on a MAJOR growth spurt! As amazing as this is, it has caused a huge demand from the parents and kids involved as to which show would be the best fit for them and where their kids would be most successful. Since there are often too many questions on the day of the actual audition, and people often feel like there is never a good time to “ask” we are now providing that time! The first ever TOWN HALL MEETING/Q &A, will give EVERY PARENT & CHILD in attendance the opportunity to have the floor and ask which summer show would be the best fit for their child!

Which show is more of a traditional musical? Which show has more characters? Which show is more of a mash-up with room for improv and comedy? All these questions and many, many more will be answered! It will also give our growing and thriving community the chance to really open a dialogue about where we’re at and where we’re headed! Our summer schedule is ready to go and we are more than prepared to answer all questions! Hope to see ya there!!

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