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Parent Welcome


Show Prep Guidelines

The Kids Theatre Company programs are friendly, encouraging, and offer safe,
expert guidance.
We anticipate that every child can shine and will discover
breakthroughs in the limelight. When your child joins a TKTC cast, each production
becomes a unique “family road trip” where even you, are along for a six-week

This is the best kid’s theatre program we could find, from L.A. to OC. We talked to other parents and kids about the productions, and comments came back 100% positive. Kyle Becker and his team really teach the kids improv and theatre techniques. The kids involved are wonderful and kind to each other. — Erik F.

Here are some helpful guidelines to make the journey a terrific experience:kids_thm

  • Make sure that your actor brings his or her SCRIPT and a PENCIL or PEN to every rehearsal. The script  is their
    road map, without it, they will fall behind or quickly lose their way.
  • If a script is lost or misplaced, please let TKTC
    know so that we may email another copy to you…
    Only one bound script will be distributed
    per cast member.
  • Rehearsals tend to go 2½ to 3 hours. It’s a good
    idea to send your actor or actress with snacks/drinks
    to re-energize his/herself during our break times.

    • It’s true. Taking a role in a theatrical production
      requires a significant time commitment.
      members should plan on attending EVERY
      rehearsal. If a scheduling conflict occurs for your
      family, please let TKTC know well in advance so
      that we may try to accommodate. Please note
      that missing rehearsals IMPACTS the rest
      of our cast and crew.
  • Encourage your actor to review his or her scenes
    prior to rehearsal. The more practice with lines,
    then the more familiar and comfortable s/he’ll
    be during rehearsal, and the more s/he’ll be able
    to innovate with his or her character. Every
    production has a deadline date by which

    • We request your volunteer support during each production.
      There are a number of production committees to choose from,
      and you can do so via Sign-up Genius or during each production’s
      Parent Meeting. We appreciate your contributions towards each
      production. It takes many hands to put on a show.
  • The use of electronic devices such as iPhones,
    Blackberries, iPads, iPods, DSs, and similar items,
    IS PROHIBITED during rehearsal hours as they
    are distractors. YES, actors may use their mobile
    phones to contact you for pick up. BUT, gaming,
    texting, tweeting, uploading, etc. is not
    permitted during rehearsals.

    • TKTC productions are BULLY-FREE ZONES.
      There is ABSOLUTELY NO name calling, or bullying
      permitted. If your actor has been teased or physically
      harmed in any way, alert TKTC immediately to intervene.
      We prefer a face-to-face conversation, but a note via
      e-mail or a phone call works too.
  • TKTC is a safe haven for kids of all ages and
    all walks of life. It is sooo important to us that
    every actor has a chance to succeed: “You have
    to believe it before you can be it!”  And one of the
    main goals of TKTC is to teach young actors how
    to believe in themselves and find their inner strengths.

    • Most importantly, please remind your actor to
      respect their fellow cast members
      . Even though
      certain roles may be double cast, actors are not in
      competition with one another. Being double cast
      simply means each actor takes an equal part of the
      whole. We are a family here. Taking part in a TKTC
      show isn’t about being featured as a single actor, but
      about a group of actors sharing an experience together.
      Let’s use each production as a chance to continue to
      grow and develop even further as actors and people.