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The Kids Theatre Company welcomes young actors, Kindergarten through 8th grade, to audition for roles in one of our upcoming productions. Even if you’ve never performed on stage before… here’s your chance! We’ve got great acting classes for kids.


My kids really enjoy the creativity, music and inspiration TKTC gives them. They learn commitment, dedication, and responsibility for knowing their lines and putting on a good show. Performing in the shows has absolutely transformed my child’s life from struggling dyslexic kid to little breakout star! If Kyle hadn’t given him the opportunity to shine we might have missed something truly special.

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Complete our online application below for one of our productions or download a PDF application and fill it out to bring to the next audition.
These acting classes for kids in Long Beach, California will be a
great experience for your child.
Participation fees and show-related costs will be announced at
the audition and collected during the first Parent Meeting.

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