Improv Jedi’s

The Kids Theatre Company Improv Jedi program gives young actors the opportunity to enhance their acting skills through situational performance. It requires quick creative thinking and the portrayal of characters on the fly.


The Art of Performing Without Prep

When young actors practice improvisation, they gain confidence, improve their public
speaking and brainstorming skills, as well as gain comfort in social settings.

My daughter’s involvement with TKTC over the last couple years has been absolutely positive and a real growth experience. She delights in the Improv activities and works hard at learning her lines and improving her performance in the productions. Her ability to speak in front of groups, to express herself, has really developed. And her self confidence has definitely grown. The inclusive, positive, professional and fun environment that TKTC provides for our kids is amazing!

Here are some quick cues you can take from our improv experts:Photo Jan 07, 7 13 43 PM

    • Never say NO! No denial! Always accept the ideas givenPhoto Apr 29, 12 20 01 AM
      to you by your scene partner.
    • Avoid beginning a scene with a question. Asking questions
      places the responsibility on your scene partner to come up
      with ideas or “gifts”.
    • Raise the stakes. Make the scene important.
    • Show commitment. Speak loudly and make a choice.
    • GIVE “gifts” or ideas to your scene partner. These are
      suggestions which add to the craziness of the scene.
    • Examples of gifts include:
      Personality Traits: Allergy, limp, sad, angry, happy,
      crazy, surfer, cowboy, cowgirl, nervous, scared,
      conceited, shy, weak, super strong, horns coming out of head
      Bizarre Occupations: Thief, bathroom attendant, lifeguard,
      car salesman, pro skateboarder or snowboarder, bounty
      hunter, super hero, super model, weatherman
      Bizarre Locations: The beach, amusement park, forest,
      birthday party, the zoo, a water park, baseball dugout,
      medieval castle, royal ball, supermarket, the mall, the
      garbage dump
      Bizarre situations: First date, the prom, football team in
      a huddle, two brothers/sisters fighting, mother/father
      catching their son/daughter sneaking out of their room,
      robbing a bank or jewelry store, in the middle of an
      earthquake, tornado, hurricane

 Fall 2013…

Our 2013 Fall Season of the one and only  “Comedy Improve & Sketch” troupe FOR KIDS starts up on Saturday, September 14th from 10a until noon. Kids meet every Saturday until December 21st. There will be “Improv Performance Showcases” as well!  At these Saturday Comedy Improv sessions you will learn everything from thinking on your toes,  and how to create original and colorful characters all the way to playing full blown team improv games as seen on tv shows like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” We have classes for all different ages and levels of experience!

When: (SATURDAYS) Starting Saturday, September 14th thru Saturday, December 21st!!

Program Fee: $30 per Saturday, OR $85 per month, OR $175 per season

The Championship Improv Showcase will feature head to head Improv Competition!! We will play a variety of Improv Games, several of them – Never Before Seen…EVERRR!! Come on down and support these awesome, on the rise comics, writers, actors, directors, and improvisors!! 

Email us for more details!!
Showcase Audience Tickets are $5 at the door.
WHEN: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th @ 7:30pm!!